14.01.2023 Sharing Training / by DANCEFORDANCE

Sculpting Body-Images

Penelope Morout


Murate Art District

Piazza delle Murate

h. 14:30 - 17:00

Penelope Morout /

Sculpting Body-Images is a physical movement workshop of high intensity, shaped to challenge the known bodily patterns of each practitioner and to bring awareness to the conscious act of seeing and perceiving the body in relation to interchangeable elements.
Whether in real life or on stage, whether through the bare eye or through the lens of the camera, our body is as a dynamic instrument in constant transformation. However, in order to sculpt the form, we need to play and provoke its limits.
Through the use of spatial, temporal and physical constraints, as well as game-like situations inspired by Fighting Monkey Practice (founded by Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Frucek) we will engage into constant movement: constantly transferring weight from one leg to the other, testing the interconnection between our spine and our limbs, shifting positions in space, alternating rhythms between the upper and lower part of the body, destabilizing the bodily structure are
some of the ways we will push our corporeal limits and aim to build up stamina, gain agility, speed and resilience in physically demanding situations.
Sculpting Body-Images is about approaching the body from a 360° view and consciously choosing the perspective we want to present of it, based upon what we want to communicate with the world. The question is how can we make this communication clearer and more pspecific?

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